Deyang Dongqi Power Station Equipment Co., Ltd.

  is a restructuring enterprise of Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd. It is subordinated to Dongqi investment & Development Co., Ltd. (joint -stock). After 30 years of innovation and development, we’ve already accumulated rich experiences in machinery manufacturing of power plant. And our company is always the accessory production enterprise of Dongqi.

 The company is located in Dongqi Mianzhu industrial zone of economic and technological development zone of Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province. It occupies more than 100 acres, and its plant covers about 40000 square meters. The company owns about 240 major devices, and forms the production capacity of the fossil power plants which below the grade of 1000MW...

  • 燃機EBO1

  • 核電喉部

  • 冷油器

  • 風電 1.5MW

  • 燃機罩殼2

  • 燃機罩殼

  • 核電喉部2

  • 核電罩殼2

  • 風電機架2.jpg

  • 風電機架4

  • 核電抽汽管道1.jpg

  • 核電罩殼

  • 核電熱井

  • 135MW油箱

  • 風電機架

  • 凝汽器散件

  • 小機油箱

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